Baneasa Developments SRL



Baneasa Developments developed, owns and operates an integrated business model including Baneasa Shopping City, Feeria Commercial Gallery, Grand Cinema Digiplex, Grand Combo entertainment area as well as the corporate structure necessary to manage and further develop its activities


Baneasa Shopping City and Feeria Shopping Gallery are located in the northern Baneasa district of Bucharest with access from the DN1 national road running towards the Henri Coanda International Airport and further connecting Bucharest to western, central and northern parts of Romania. Road and public transportation infrastructure are excellent and have good further development perspectives (incl. subway)


Baneasa Shopping City and Feeria Commercial Gallery are part of one of the largest commercial schemes in Central and Eastern Europe that includes a Carrefour hypermarket, the only IKEA store in Romania, a Brico Depot DIY unit, a Mobexpert store and furniture gallery as well as a neighboring METRO Cash & Carry.


Baneasa Developments has the unique advantage of being able to provide Bucharest with its longest shopping avenue made up from Baneasa Shopping City with its premium / high-end oriented tenants and Feeria Commercial Gallery that has a mid / value mix as well as footfall synergies with connected Carrefour Hypermarket and Mobexpert gallery


Baneasa Shopping City is the most sought after location by retailers active on or interested in entering the local market since it provides its tenants with the most advantageous conditions for commercial success. Thus, many brands either have first opening in Baneasa Shopping City or choose to maintain their flagship stores here. This has enabled Baneasa Developments to actively manage its tenants mix from an excellent negotiation stance and it has given it the possibility to fully implement its positioning and revenue growing strategies.


Baneasa Shopping City is positioned as one of the top performing schemes in the city, benefiting of no strong direct competitors and also having as a core catchment the most affluent consumers in Bucharest” (Colliers, December 2014)


Baneasa Developments holds the necessary land rights to continue to expand the existing businesses or begin development of stand-alone assets as well as the necessary corporate management platform



Baneasa Developments, founded in 2002, developed, owns and manages: Baneasa Shopping City, Feeria Shopping Gallery, Grand Cinema Digiplex and a KFC Drive-In Unit. The company is also in charge with the property management of the 450,000 sqm commercial area of Baneasa platform that includes IKEA (the only box operating in Romania), Brico Depot DYI, Metro Cash & Carry, Carrefour Hypermarket, Mobexpert Gallery.


Baneasa Shopping City, opened in April 2008. 180+ stores over three levels, average footfall of 200,000 visitors per week. The permanent occupancy is 99%. Anchors: Inditex group of companies, Peek & Cloppenburg, H&M.


Feeria Commercial Gallery opened in 2006. 100+ stores, food units and quality service providers, average annual footfall: 10 million visitors, anchored by a Carrefour Hypermarket (owned by Carrefour Romania), connected on its western end with the local furniture retailer Mobexpert owned gallery and continued with Baneasa Shopping City on its eastern side.


Grand Cinema Digiplex, opened in 2011, 13 screens and 2,654 seats of premium entertainment fitted with latest technology in projection (4K, 3D, etc), audio (Iosono, Dolby Atmos), lighting, seating (retractable auditoriums) and screen systems. 2 VIP auditoriums with comfortable lounge and bar. Competitive advantage: diversity and its alternative content.

Baneasa Developments also holds rights on buildable land areas in excess of 44,000 sqm

Baneasa Developments assets are part of the largest real estate development in Romania comprising Baneasa Commercial Area, an office park as well as residential developments.

Placement of the assets within the Baneasa Commercial Area creates the opportunity for unparalleled synergies in terms of catchment area, parking, traffic etc.