Meteor SA

A Romanian registered company established in 1990. It owns and operates a portfolio of 101 high street retail spaces situated in 31 locations, in Bucharest:



The real estate portfolio of Meteor includes a 19,173 sqm land plot located within the built-up area of Iacobeni, Suceava county, Romania, on Republicii Street no. 38


The high street retail spaces are located both in central areas, as well as in peripheral areas of the city. Consequently, the assets’ visibility and exposure (i.e. the number of people who see a certain real estate development on a daily basis) differ greatly depending on their direct frontage at a busy avenue with high traffic, or lack thereof.


The properties which are located in prime locations, on large boulevards, with a high footfall (i.e. Ion C. Bratianu Boulevard, Dorobantilor Road, Aviator Radu Beller Street, George Enescu Street, Ion Mihalache Boulevard), benefit from very good visibility and exposure. At the opposite end of the spectrum there are the spaces situated in locations with low footfall (e.g. 13 Septembrie Road, Turda Street, Franceza Street, Bucuresti – Ploiesti Road), or on the backside of apartment blocks.

Most of the spaces (i.e. 91 spaces) are leased out to various tenants (e.g. banks, pharmacies, telecom operators, FMCG, betting and gambling, fashion etc.). About 60% of these have a strong brand, while the rest are just small local businesses.