Supporting the local development, we are aiming to establish energy efficiency projects and social housing projects.


Mixed Use Development

The project is a mixed use large scale concept . The functions are as follows:


Mall, Entertainment, Retail, DIY Store
Office building
Luxury Residential buildings
Apartment buildings


Land area is 57 hectares.


The residential project is split into 4 areas:


Area 1 – 137 villas, daycare and cafeteria
Area 2 – 100 villas
Area 3 + 4 – 19 residential buildings (GF+9) with a total of 171 apartments and retail space of approximately 2,000 sqm
There will be also 10 residential buildings comprising 120 luxury apartments and a number of 77 luxury villas constructed on the plot of land where the commercial center is built.


The development comprises a shopping mall, entertainment area (cinema and theater), food court, bricolage store, fashion outlet with a total constructed area of approximately 47,825 sqm.


Mixed Use Development

A mixed use development comprising retail, hotel and offices with a total gross built area of 23,159 sqm.


Technology Park

Industrial park comprising waste treatment facilities, recycling area, power plant area, transformer area, auxiliary facilities zones, hotel, shops, restaurants, hospital, banks, campus etc. The total built area is of 1.7 sqm.


Led Factory

LED production facility built on a 25,301 sqm piece of land. The factory will have a total built area of 4,700 sqm and will produce LED bulbs, panels and street lamps.