Today, the world’s energy system is largely based on oil, coal, gas and some nuclear sources. Security of supply, market prices, emissions and climate impacts are important drivers for decisions in our economies, while technological progress and geopolitical situation is constantly changing these factors. A clear understanding of current outlook and developments in the conventional energy systems is key to making informed decisions about sustainable energy and its integration in the world’s energy system. Moreover, the competitiveness of sustainable energy is strongly influenced by prices and policies relating to the conventional energy system. Our international experience and broad knowledge of the complete energy system enables us to translate the acquired information and insights into practical results and market opportunities.

Fossil energy sources are currently responsible for about 80% of global energy use and the use of fossil energy is growing. However, there is no single fossil fuel, as there is strong variety in costs, local and regional environmental impacts, supply chains and life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions. New sources of fossil energy, like tar sands and shale gas, are emerging. Each fossil fuel has its own cost, environmental, and risk profile.



Power Plants

A Diesel power station (also known as Stand-by power station) uses a diesel engine as prime mover for the generation of electrical energy. This power station is generally compact and thus can be located where it is actually required. This kind of power station can be used to produce limited amounts of electrical energy. In most countries these power stations are used as emergency supply stations.

The diesel burns inside the engine and the combustion process moves a fluid that turns the engine shaft and drives the alternator. The alternator in turn, converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. This type of electricity generating power station will probably be used a long time into the future, due to a need for reliable stand-by electrical source for emergency situations.