Energy efficiency is the basis of all sustainable energy strategies. The implementation of an energy efficiency program that support themselves through energy savings can be a complex process. At the moment there is a need, increasingly larger worldwide to implement energy efficiency projects on a large scale to reduce fossil fuel consumption, reduce emissions of greenhouse gas emissions, reduce losses in transmission and distribution of the electrical power, reducing energy consumption and improving the efficient use of energy for industrial consumers, administrative and office buildings and residential.

Our company through experience gained, is able to provide energy efficiency solutions with maximum performance. Through our experience in this type of projects we can guarantee technical and performance risk reduction. In essence, our company acts as developer who integrates design, financing, installation and operational elements.

Led lighting solutions, energy trading – Increase your energy efficiency with cost effective, energy saving technologies available to improve the performance of your lighting systems. Improving your lighting can mean big savings on your monthly energy bill and improve the comfort and quality of your facility. Our company offers significant incentives to help you generate savings that go straight to your bottom line.


Our Group’s Energy Segment provides (either directly or through experienced subcontractors) all of the services identified by the organization as needed to implement the energy efficiency retrofit through a comprehensive plan to maximize energy savings while meeting the customer’s specific facility requirements. Energy Efficiency Program includes:

• Provide an Investment Grade Audit;

• Engineer projects of appropriate size and scope;

• Arrange project financing and assist the organization in understanding the available financing options;

• Procure and install the equipment;

Monitor and verify energy savings for as long as the customer wishes often the entire contract term;

• Provide, if requested, ongoing operations and maintenance savings;

• Prepare reports for the customer detailing energy savings and a reconciliation plan if energy savings were to fall below projections.

Undertaking an energy efficiency facility retrofit is a complex process with an array of suppliers and technologies all impacting your future energy saving. Our company can offer the expertise and resources to guarantee long term success for your facility, by fully integrating all areas and aspects of your project like HVAC, lighting, insulation, controls, metering, all come together seamlessly when your project is managed in partnership with us.


LED Lighting


Recent growth in LED technology and solid-state lighting has provided the electronics manufacturing industry with viable solutions for its addition into today’s electronic devices. LEDs have become an alternative light source to conventional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. The electronics manufacturing industry sees the greatest benefits from the small size and lower power consumption of today’s LEDs.

There also is the recent trend to use “green technology” in consumer and commercial electronics. LED components offer high brightness and power efficiency, as well as lower carbon emissions than traditional lighting technologies. This aspect has made LED lighting popular with government organizations, which are now installing LED lighting in public places and government offices worldwide.




Our lights save energy, reduce waste and cut costs.  We don’t just sell lights; our products improve the world around us and the lives of our customers.