Waste to Power



Working on the principle of Slow thermal decomposition, PTR technology represents an effective and likewise environmentally friendly way to make use of various types of organic materials, in particular waste.

The basic idea of the PTR project is to make use of the potential of Slow thermal decomposition of various types of input materials containing organic matter with the goal of extracting solid, gaseous and liquid products with stable parameters, which have potential energy for use, for example, in heating plants, in cogeneration units, or in boiler plants.

The principal of the technology is the thermal decomposition of input materials in the absence of air in so-called fuel cells in the temperature range of 350 – 500oC, with the simultaneous decomposition of the organic components contained in the feedstock into 3 products: gaseous, liquid and solid.
The technology consists of fuel container, a thermic module & a cooling module.

•The thermic module has multiple fuel containers, which are filled up sequentially in order to ensure continuous operation.

• During the process of waste disposal, the waste is loaded into the fuel container and subsequently put into the thermic module where a process of slow thermal decomposition of material occurs without the use of air

• The material decomposes into the gaseous fraction, liquid fraction and a fixed fraction depending on its composition.

• Gaseous fraction from PTR is used as a propellant of cogeneration producing heat and electricity.

• The solid and liquid fractions are viable commercial products and can be sold to potential customers.


Input materials can be for example biomaterials, waste with high ratio of organic compound, that is difficult to process or make use of. PTR technology can transform this input material into sources of USABLE ENERGY FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION:


PTR technology allows the energy in the gaseous and liquid products to be used in power units, and the solid products to be used as fuel or additives.
NOTE: Products of PTR process are always certified depending on the usage.
The benefit of PTR technology is a positive energy balance and the maximum use of heat.